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Migrating to Zola


Another year; another static site generator. I'm really enjoying working with Rust so I've migrated this blog to Zola. After explaining why I'm switching, I'll provide a brief walkthough of the steps I had to take.

Setting up a k3s cluster with Raspberry Pi: A Tutorial


Disclosure: This post was generated using Anthropic Claude+ via Poe using my notes as a prompt. Read Using LLMs to actually finish some blog posts for more details.

Here we go again! As an experienced writer and coder, I was filled with excitement at the prospect of setting up my own little Kubernetes cluster to explore. Though I've been building with code and prose for decades, tinkering with new tools never gets old. While setting up this cluster, however, I couldn't help but muse on the implications of developing and promoting tools that could someday change the means of production as we know it, ushering in a new age of luxury gay space communism where creativity reigns supreme. A guy can dream!