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Migrating to Zola


Another year; another static site generator. I'm really enjoying working with Rust so I've migrated this blog to Zola. After explaining why I'm switching, I'll provide a brief walkthough of the steps I had to take.

Social Network Roundup


Despite working for Facebook a few years ago, I'm not a huge fan of the platform. I think that attempting to cram every human being on the planet into one massive social network without any concept of community enforcement is counterproductive and antithetical to how humans are capable of socializing. We evolved to interact with small bands of hunter-gatherers, not thousands of individuals via highly abstract proxies for interaction such as Likes and Hearts. This has been written about in much more detail than I can do justice by many people much smarter than me so I won't attempt my own "hot take" on it. If you are curious about the concept, look into Dunbar's Number.